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The payment collection

For us, AdornPay is so self-evident that we sometimes forget that our product is completely new in the Netherlands. We design our site and socials entirely from our own feelings and we lose sight of the fact that you may not even know exactly what we offer. 

Fashionable payment items
Fashion items with which you can pay contactless, that is what we have brought to the market. We have a payment collection consisting of; key chains, bracelets and watch bands launched. With this entire collection, appearance, convenience & safety are number one!

Our payment collection consists of ‘passive wearables’. These items contain an NFC chip with which you can pay, just like with the chip in your debit card. The only thing you have to do at the checkout is keep your wearable at a maximum of 2 centimeters from the payment terminal, just like you normally do with your debit card or mobile phone. So no bank card or telephone is needed for the payment. In the Netherlands you can make contactless payments up to a maximum of €50, without entering a pin code. Above this amount, you must enter a pin code at the payment terminal. If you like, you can adjust this amount yourself (downwards) in the online payment environment of your bank. 

If you lose a wearable, you can easily block it, just like your debit card. The advantage of our wearables is that it looks like a 'normal' piece of jewelry. When someone finds the piece of jewelry, it is not immediately visible that it concerns a payment piece of jewelry. As a result, abuse of the wearable is very unlikely and you can cross the street extra safely with our items as your payment method. 
Have you become curious about our collection? Check the payment collection here! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know and to be eligible for promotions exclusively for our members.

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Duurzaam & ethisch ondernemen

Sustainable & ethical business

Onze collectie: Vegan leer

Our collection: Vegan leather

Nu ook reizen in het OV met je wearable

Now also travel on public transport with your wearable


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