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Sustainable & Ethical

Ethical and responsible production

When mining silver and gold, human rights are rarely respected. Child labor, compulsory labor or discrimination are no exceptions. For example, 90% (about 25 million people) of gold miners live in poor and remote areas and work by hand.  

We therefore prefer sustainable jewelry that is produced in an ethical manner. Our jewelry is produced in small workshops in the heart of Anatolia, Turkey. Our producer ensures that its team of employees works under the right conditions and for a fair wage. The entire production process is transparent and is monitored by us. From collecting the gemstones to making the jewelry. In addition, we try to create as little waste as possible during the entire production process and to recycle everything as much as possible.  

In addition to being ethically produced, our jewelry is made from recycled silver and gold. Because all jewelry is handmade, every item is unique! The 'silver' jewelry is made from recycled Sterling Silver, or 925 silver. The 'gold Vermilion' jewelry is based on Sterling Silver, surrounded by a layer of 18kt gold of 2.5 microns thick. Gold ruddy is the perfect choice for affordable jewelry that will last a long time. read here more about the material & maintenance of the jewelry.