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Sustainable & ethical business

Child labour, poor working conditions & even slave trade.. These are things that unfortunately still occur a lot. Products are produced, purchased and sold all over the world and often we do not know exactly where a product comes from and how this product is produced.

Since we design and produce our products ourselves, we think it is important to know who is working on our product and under what circumstances. We ensure that everyone who works on our product is paid enough and that work is done under good conditions.

Our production partner regularly travels to our workshops in Turkey to take a look inside the workshops and make sure that everything is running as intended. The raw materials we use for our collections are obtained as much as possible from areas around the workshops. This way we can avoid raw materials with a bad background in the use of our products.

When the collections have been produced, they are sent in one go. In this way we try to limit the CO2 emissions from our deliveries. In addition, we opt for the most sustainable mode of transport as much as possible. 

When packaging our shipments, we take the more sustainable options into account as much as possible and use as little paper as possible. You will therefore not receive a printed invoice or detailed explanation about your product in a brochure from us. With every order you will find a flyer with QR codes to the necessary information. This way we print as little as possible and less waste is created. 

We try to include sustainable & ethically responsible business practices with every choice and thus contribute to a better world. Because if everyone would go through life a little more sustainably & ethically, the world would already move a lot forward. 


Love Anouk

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Ondernemerspraat: AdornPay's Anouk over duurzaam & ethisch verantwoord ondernemen

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