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Material & maintenance


All our wearables are ethically & sustainably produced and tiDuring our production process, as little waste as possible is created. Below you will find more information about the different materials we offer in our collection. 

The leather items are cut and sewn by hand. During the processing process, an attempt is made to create as little 'waste' as possible. Leather is a natural product and it is durable, if you maintain it properly, it will last a long time.  

Vegan leather
The vegan leather wearables are made of apple leather. This is a vegan and sustainable material, made from apple leftovers. Here you can read everything about vegan leather.

The rings in our collection are made of ceramics. Ceramic is unbreakable, wear-resistant and you can shower and swim with it. Thanks to the hypoallergenic nature of ceramic, our rings are perfect for anyone with a metal allergy. The ring is colourfast, remains beautifully shiny or matt and there is no oxidation. Our rings are also sustainably produced.


Each material type has its own characteristics and properties. These all respond to outside influences. Leather items become less beautiful when they come into contact with water. We therefore recommend that our leather items avoid contact with water as much as possible. Ceramic items may come into contact with water. 

To keep leather jewelry beautiful, it is important to maintain it properly. It is best to clean leather jewelry with leather cleaner. You can then treat the leather with leather oil or grease, you can use the same products that are also used for shoes. Make sure that you then rinse the products thoroughly to avoid stains on clothing. 

Vegan leather
To maintain vegan leather jewelry, it is good to regularly wipe the jewelry with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth. In addition, it is advisable to clean and care for the jewelry every 3 to 6 months with a PU spray or spray for imitation leather.

The items made of ceramics do not require much maintenance. If your item is dirty, clean it with a soft cloth. 

Tips to keep your wearables beautiful for longer: 

  • Keep them clean with a soft, lint-free cloth.  
  • Don't wear it while you sleep. 
  • Do not wear your leather wearables in the shower or while swimming.
  • Avoid contact with perfume, make-up and other care products. 
  • When you are not wearing the wearable, store it in a cool, dark place, for example in a jewelry box, to prevent damage. 
  • Never store your wearables in direct sunlight or in a damp place.
  • Never use chemicals of any kind to clean your wearables.