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Wearables can be divided into passive and active wearables. You can read the difference between these two hereAdornPay sells passive wearables. It is not immediately visible that it is a wearable. Everyone will think it's just a piece of jewelry, while meanwhile you can use it for payments. Like a debit card, the wearable contains an NFC chip, which is integrated into the jewellery. The advantage of a passive wearable is that you can transform a 'fashion item' into a payment item. Read important information about the warranty and lifespan of the chips in our wearables here. 

Pay with a wearable 

All you have to do at the checkout is keep your wearable within 2 centimeters of the payment terminal, just like you normally do with your debit card or mobile phone. In the Netherlands you can pay contactless up to 50 euros, without entering a PIN code at the payment terminal. Above this amount you have to enter a pin code on the payment terminal itself. If you like, you can adjust this amount (down) yourself in the online payment environment of your bank.  

If you lose your wearable, you can easily block it, just like your debit card, in the MuchBetter app. The advantage of our wearables is that it looks like a 'normal' piece of jewelry. When someone finds the jewel, it is not immediately visible that it is a payment jewellery. This makes misuse of the wearable very unlikely.  

Prepaid MuchBetter

Because AdornPay wants everyone in the Netherlands to be able to pay with our wearables, our wearables are linked to a prepaid MuchBetter account. This is like a prepaid credit card or a prepaid SIM card for a phone. You can top up the card by depositing an amount into the account (via the MuchBetter app). You can then pay with your wearable until the amount you have deposited is used up, after which you can recharge the wearable again. This can easily be done via the MuchBetter app on your phone. Read more about the prepaid option MuchBetter here.

Our new wearable collection

Our latest wearable collection, including bracelets, is currently in production. Do you want to be the first to know when there is news about our latest wearable collection? then sign up here in!