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Wearables - secure payment

Is it safe to pay with a wearable? This is a question we often get when we tell people about our wearables. In this blog we will tell you more about how you can use the payment function of a wearable and we will tell you why paying with a wearable is just as safe as paying with your debit card.

In our previous blog, we talked about the difference between active and passive wearables. You are reading this blog here back.
Our payment jewelry is 'passive wearables'. They contain an NFC chip with which you can pay, just like with the chip in your debit card. All you have to do at the checkout is keep your wearable within 2 centimeters of the payment terminal, just like you normally do with your debit card or mobile phone. So no bank card or telephone is required for payment. In the Netherlands you can pay contactless up to a maximum of €50, without entering a PIN code. Above this amount you have to enter a pin code on the payment terminal. If you like, you can adjust this amount (down) yourself in the online payment environment of your bank. 

If you lose a wearable, you can easily block it, just like your debit card, in the online payment environment of your bank. The advantage of our wearables is that it looks like a 'normal' piece of jewelry. When someone finds the jewel, it is not immediately visible that it is a payment jewellery. This makes misuse of the wearable very unlikely. 

When purchasing a wearable, you can link it to your bank account. Currently, in the Netherlands, this is only possible for Rabobank and ABN AMRO users. Because we want everyone in the Netherlands to be able to pay with our wearables, you can also opt for a prepaid option with us. This is like a prepaid credit card or your phone's prepaid SIM card. You can top up the card by depositing an amount (via an app) on the card. You can then pay with your wearable until the amount you have deposited is used up, after which you can recharge the wearable again. This can easily be done via an app on your phone.

We hope to be able to provide everyone with a fashionable piece of jewelry soon, with which you can pay safely and easily. 

We will post a new blog in 2 weeks. We will then tell you more about the production of our first collection and give you a look behind the scenes at the studio.

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