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Wearables - active vs. passive

If you have looked at our site, or if you have read our blogs more often, then you know that we will be selling timeless jewelry with a payment function. In our previous blog series we already told you about our research & how we arrived at this business plan. You read the blogs here back!

With this post we start a new series of blogs in which we will tell more about the 'wearable market'. In this first blog we tell you more about the difference between active and passive wearables and what we think of the advantages and disadvantages. 

The wearable market has been growing rapidly for a number of years. Major brands such as Apple, Samsung & Google are participating in this trend and are launching smart watches with which you can monitor your health, answer messages and pay. In addition to these major players, other brands are also bringing wearables to the market and there are many new companies that see the advantage of this product and start producing and selling wearables. 
There are two types of wearables on the market, namely active wearables and passive wearables. 

Active wearables are most common in the form of a smartwatch. They have a screen and need to be charged. Active wearables are widely applicable. For example, you can link it to your phone to use the functions of your phone directly on your wearable. You can also often monitor your exercise session, your overall health or your sleep. If you use an active wearable to pay, enter the pin code directly on the wearable.

An active wearable therefore has many advantages. We find the active wearable itself less attractive because the screen has a certain appearance. It The screen always has a minimum size, because you must be able to read and use it properly. This creates limitations in the design. In addition, an active wearable is almost always in the form of a watch and this should just be your taste. Because you have to charge the active wearable to use it, you may have to do without it for a day because you forgot to charge it. 
In addition to active wearables, there are also passive wearables on the market. Passive wearables come in the form of key rings, watches, bracelets and, for example, rings. With passive wearables it is not immediately visible that it is a wearable. It could just as well be a 'regular' ring or bracelet. They do not need to be charged and work with an NFC chip. An active wearable usually also contains an NFC chip, but this also includes a lot of other technology! If you use a passive wearable for the payment function, you can pay up to 50 euros contactless (in the Netherlands) without entering a PIN code. Above this amount you have to enter the pin code on the ATM itself. 

We find the passive wearables themselves much more interesting, because you can go in a lot more directions with the design. You can use different materials and are less dependent on the size because, unlike the active wearables, no screen is needed here. With a passive wearable, everyone will think you are wearing a regular bracelet, while you can use it for payments, for example.  The advantage of a passive wearable is that you can transform a 'fashion item' into, for example, a payment item and that is exactly what we will do with our wearable collection. We hope to be able to launch our first wearable collection before the summer!
We will post a new blog in the new blog series about wearables in 2 weeks. We will then tell you how you can use the payment function and why this is a safe way to pay!

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