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The research - part 4

Bringing jewelry to the market for payment; a nice idea of course, but how do you market a product like this? 

We all know the different ways to pay contactless; with your bank card, telephone or with your smartwatch. You take out your means of payment, hold it at the ATM and before you know it you have paid. The technology behind the payment is unknown to many and is not something you think about every day. We had never thought about this before either. The opportunity is there and you use it every day, but how exactly does this technology work? We hadn't the faintest idea.
For our products we need the technology behind contactless payment. In our case, we are going to bring passive wearables to the market. That is, we bring a product to the market that you do not need to charge; there is no battery in it. Near Field Communication (NFC) is used to pay. We'll go into more detail about what this is in another blog. We now want to tell you more about how this has influenced our choices.

In order to be able to pay, communication must take place between a chip in the jewelery and the payment terminal at the cash register. There are all kinds of materials that can cause interference in this communication, so that your payment will not be successful. The biggest jammer that can throw a spanner in the works of good communication is iron. Materials such as silver & gold often make it difficult to establish good communication. The designs we have for the wearables are largely with materials such as silver & gold, so this was our first challenge.

We did a lot of research and a lot of consultation to figure out how to overcome this obstacle, so that we could still push through our idea of a really beautiful wearable. For example, we now know that certain types of stone can be used well and that leather, for example, does not cause any blockages in communication. With these results in mind, we have the final designs for our wearable collection ready. We have designs with leather, gold & silver and natural stone and we can't wait for you to see the collection!

The samples will be produced soon. These must be tested & approved by Mastercard. Then we will have to get a certification before we can start selling the products. So we still have an exciting time ahead of us, but we are confident that everything will be fine.

In the meantime, we are working hard behind the scenes and occasionally share something on social media. Building brand awareness is now the most important thing for us. So like our pages on Instagram and Facebook, share our posts and tell us about us. That helped us a lot! We can then make even more people happy at launch with the convenience of paying with a wearable that is also very beautiful!

In 2 weeks we will post a new blog, see you then!

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