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The research - part 3

Our idea of turning a piece of jewelery into a means of payment offers opportunities on the market. How relaxed is it when you can use your favorite piece of jewelry to pay? We think that for many people this is an item they would like to use, but then it has to be so beautiful that you really want to wear it every day.

From the moment we came up with this idea, different designs have been running through our minds. We want to market items that are elegant & timeless; suitable for a large target group. In addition, we find it important that the items are sustainably produced & ethically responsible. We want to use recycled silver & gold and we would also like to know which way the other materials have traveled. We want everyone involved in production to be treated appropriately. For example, we are naturally against child labor and we guarantee that everyone who participates in the production receives a fair wage. The other working conditions must also be good.

For us, the starting point was therefore to look for a producer who also stands for sustainable production & ethically responsible working. After some searching and making connections, we found someone who finds these things just as important as we do. In addition, she understands very well what we stand for and what product we want to bring to the market. This is very important to us. We want to enter into a partnership in which you jointly arrive at a beautiful product. A product that meets the wishes and requirements that we set to make this a success for us.

The workshop where we will have our jewelry produced is located in Turkey. We preferred a studio in Europe, because then it is easier to visit and have a look. We hope that the situation around corona changes quickly and that we can travel more easily. Our intention is to visit the studio on a regular basis. This way we can guarantee the quality of the jewelry and we know how it all works. In addition, we find personal contact very important, with our intermediary, but also with the people who ensure that our design is transformed into a tangible product. Thanks to these people we can offer you the product that we are currently missing on the market. Without them our dream could not be realized.

We forwarded our ideas for the designs and had several video calls. Together with our producer, we discussed the options about which materials, colors and types of 'stones' there are. All other options that come with jewelry design have also been discussed in detail. In the end we came up with very nice designs for our regular collection. The designs for this collection are now fixed and being produced. We hope to receive the first collection soon so that we can photograph it and show you previews of the first collection without the payment chips. 
For the collection with option to pay, there are many more aspects to take into account. We also have all the ideas ready for this collection. We are still waiting for the payment chips, so that we can start producing samples and testing the products. Also for this collection we had to think about the materials, the colors and the stones. Are you curious about the choices we have made for our designs? In our next blog we will tell you more about the collections and why we have made certain decisions. The blog about this will be online next Sunday.
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