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Our collection: Vegan leather

As you may know by now, sustainable & ethical entrepreneurship is central to us. Of course, improvements are always possible, but we do our best to organize everything within our company as responsibly as possible. Last January we were able to add another great milestone to our sustainable goals; we've launched our first AppleSkin™ leather items!

What is appeal?
Apple leather is also known as AppleSkin™, an innovative, vegan and sustainable material. You may have heard about it before, as it is a great alternative to animal leather. But there is so much more to say about this versatile, luxurious and upcycled fabric. We now have 3 items of this material in our collection. View the items here .

How is apple leather made?
Apple leather is made from the core, peels and pulp of apples left over from making foods and juices. At AdornPay we don't like waste, so of course we chose a material made from leftover apples! These remains are first pureed and then spread on a sheet, after which it is dried.

When most of the moisture is gone, it becomes a leathery sheet that is quite supple. It is then combined with polyurethane, and coated on cotton and polyester canvas. This is to make sure it all stays together. Once this process is complete you will have your result: AppleSkin™ leather!

Is apple leather sustainable?
Apple leather is more durable than animal leather and PU leather. Apples that would otherwise be thrown away are used to produce apple leather. This way, the waste is not burned, which reduces emissions. Also, no apples are harvested specifically for this purpose. 

The use of polyurethane (PU) and polyester in the production of apple leather means that there is still progress to be made in the field of sustainability, but a start has certainly been made with this alternative material! Apple leather is not yet biodegradable, but fortunately we are constantly developing and the future of apple leather looks brighter and even more sustainable.

We are currently working hard to develop enzymes that help break down polyester. And efforts are also underway to develop natural fibers that have similar properties to petroleum-based yarns. In the meantime, apple leather can become more sustainable if the percentage of apple in the material is increased.

We continue to closely monitor all developments surrounding the different materials and the degree of sustainability and always do our best to choose the most sustainable options!


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