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The research - part 2


Already the 4th post on our blog. We have already included you in the development of our plan, have told you more about our research into other providers and what we have gained from that. Are you curious about the answers? You can find our previous blogs here back. 

The idea for AdornPay arose from the frustration at the checkout; you've had a long day and still have to go to the store to get bread and spreads for the day after, this can't wait because everything is gone. You have a bag, your car keys, and your wallet in your hands and you arrive at the cash register. The cashier scanned everything and now you have to pay. You are looking for that debit card in your wallet and drop almost everything. The people behind you look at you with a piercing gaze and you can just read their minds; if you want to hurry up. This was the last thing you could use today. 

It is already a relief that you can pay contactless nowadays, but searching for that card with your hands full is not the solution. With that in mind, we started our plan and research. 

Being able to pay contactless and the technology behind it is the basis of our product; a piece of jewelry with which you can pay contactless. But how much is actually paid contactless? And is the amount of contactless payments increasing or decreasing? We thought it was very important to know more about this as well, so we started looking at the figures and facts.

The global pandemic will of course increase awareness about the many contact moments per day. Everyone is asked to keep more distance and to minimize contact moments. Among other things, this will lead to an increase in contactless payments and is expected to continue to do so. Banks have increased the limits for contactless payments to encourage this payment method. At the end of 2020, no less than 85% of all payments in the Netherlands were contactless. This is of course a lot. Contactless payment has therefore increased enormously in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue.

The number of payments with mobile phones and wearables is also increasing every year and is therefore becoming increasingly popular. The number of providers of contactless payment methods is also increasing. 

These figures and facts offer us opportunities. Especially if it can be even easier and you always carry your payment method with you. By constantly conjuring up your card and then putting it away again, there is still contact. You can prevent this if you wear your means of payment on your finger or wrist. Paying with a piece of jewelry is actually even more 'contactless' than we know about contactless payment today. 

We think that the above offers opportunities; both for us and for entrepreneurs with the product that we want to bring to the market. But certainly also for other companies, where the government expects measures to be taken to prevent contact moments. 

We are therefore working hard behind the scenes to bring our products to the market. So that soon everyone can avoid some frustration at the checkout by using a beautiful piece of jewelry as a means of payment. But how does that work with that production? How do you turn a piece of jewelry into a means of payment? You can read more about it in our next blogs!

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