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Gold vermeil - what is that anyway?

In our collection we sell silver and gold vermeil jewelry. Everyone knows what silver is, but we notice that many people are not familiar with the term gold vermeil and that gold vermeil  is often confused with gold plated. While there are big differences between these two. That's why we want to dedicate a blog to this today. 

gold plated vs. gold vermeil 

With gold-plated jewelry, the base of the jewelry must be a metallic material; like copper. Then a layer of gold of 0.5 microns is placed over this. Gold plated jewelry can be offered at a competitive price. So there is real gold as a layer around the jewelry, but the base may be made of any metallic material. As a result, production costs can be kept low and the selling price can of course also be very attractive. The gold plated jewelry, with good maintenance, will remain beautiful for quite a long time, but will not last for years. 

With gold vermeil jewelry, there are more requirements to be able to actually label a piece of jewelry as gold vermeil. The base of the jewelry should be silver. The silver base is covered with a layer of at least 18 karat gold and this layer must be at least 2.5 microns thick. The gold layer with Gold Vermeil is 5 times thicker than with a gold plated jewelry and has a higher degree of carat. The production price with gold-vermeil is quite high, the selling price of gold-vermeil items is therefore considerably more expensive than gold-plated items. On the other hand, you have an item of very high quality, due to the silver base and the thick layer of gold of at least 18 carats. 

Jewelry from gold vermeil lasts a long time. We do, however, recommend that you do not shower, swim or exercise with the items. The acidity of, for example, soap can affect the jewellery. Just like this can happen with silver and gold. The jewelry can be cleaned with a special maintenance cloth, which we send with every order. 

If the jewelry is properly maintained, it will last for years. Because the jewelry is not completely gold, it is also stronger. Gold is quite soft. This allows items made of all-gold to deform quickly. This will not happen with gold vermeil  jewelry. In addition, the price of a gold vermeil jewelry is many times lower than a jewelry made of real gold. Which makes the purchase of a piece of jewelry accessible to more people! 

We are fully convinced of the positive characteristics of gold vermeil jewelry and have therefore consciously chosen these items in our collection. This way we can offer high quality jewelry at an interesting price and thus make a larger target group happy with our items. We hope you are now aware of what makes gold vermeil nu gold vermeil !  

Almost our entire collection has now been received and we still have to photograph the last part. We hope to be able to go online with our regular collection before September 1! 

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