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Our collection is here!

On May 9 we posted a blog about the production. We told that starting a company goes through ups and downs. Turkey had to be in strict lockdown due to COVID-19, which forced our studios to close. Production was then halted and as a result was delayed for several weeks.  

Fortunately, the green light was soon given and our workshops were able to continue production. All our items are handmade. So you can imagine that a collection is not ready within a few working days, rather it takes a few weeks. So we had to wait patiently. Thanks to the good contact with our intermediary in the Netherlands, we received many updates & photos. This allowed us to watch what happened and how the collection was slowly taking shape.  

At the beginning of June we finally received a message! Our collection was ready and shipped to the Netherlands. The shipment is actually always very fast, but due to the lockdown there was also a backlog at customs in Turkey. Customs held our order there and all we could do is wait patiently again. Days passed, but our collection was not released. Our intermediary regularly contacted customs in Turkey, but the release took several weeks nevertheless. So here again a small setback, but in the end we finally received 70% of our first collection on Wednesday 23 June! Part of our collection still needed some adjustments and part was unfortunately still stuck at customs in Turkey. We hope to receive the remaining 30% this week.  

We had an appointment that Wednesday with our intermediary, who personally delivered the collection. Quite exciting, because despite the trust in the studios, it remains to be seen how the collection will arrive. All jewelry is designed by ourselves. So we had a perfect idea of what we wanted and had high expectations. And now it was finally time, we were allowed to unpack and admire the collection! And man, we are positively surprised! The collection is perfect and exactly as we envisioned. The items are all beautiful.   

We will soon share sneak peeks of the collection on our social media channels. And as soon as we have the entire collection complete, we will take product photos as soon as possible & put the collection online. We will also write a blog about this process, so that you can stay informed about how we experience starting our own business!  

We hope to be able to provide you with our first collection very soon and hope that you are as positively surprised as we are! We'll be back soon with a new blog.  

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