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Just an update

Starting our own company, about a year and a half ago, the day came when we decided to go for it. Full of ideas and motivation, we decided to embark on the AdornPay adventure together. How did this all come about and how did we get started? You can read that in our previous blogs. 

It's been quiet on our blog for a while now. When embarking on this adventure, we were aware that setbacks are part of entrepreneurship. In addition, we knew that we were going to start in a very difficult time, because of COVID the entire economy was turned upside down. At every company you heard about delayed deliveries or a difficult financial situation, but for us COVID was also a motivation. The fact that everything now had to be contactless reinforced the position of our product on the market. We are also two spirited ladies who never shy away from a challenge, so this extra challenge was really just motivating. Long delivery time? No, we'll work around that! Difficult supply of materials? We'll arrange that. Well no! So it does NOT work that way. In recent months we have experienced firsthand that entrepreneurship comes with setbacks. We wanted to go online before the summer, it should be clear that we didn't succeed.

The regular collection is still not complete. There are setbacks in production, customs have to deal with backlogs and when the products arrive, there appear to be production errors. Our samples with payment chips also prove to be an enormous challenge. We knew in advance that we had chosen a complicated product to enter the market with. However, we really misjudged how much is involved in this product idea. There is so much to take into account and we are not there yet.

But all this should not spoil the fun. We are busy behind the scenes getting everything ready so that we can go online with the regular collection. We expect to receive the last items tomorrow. These items can then be photographed and added to the website, where the rest of the already received and photographed collection is already 'shining' behind the scenes. Despite all the setbacks, we are really proud of how things are slowly starting to take shape. The collection is better than expected and the photos show this even more beautifully. The items we already wear are very well received by everyone we see. The cooperation between us as partners and with our partners is also super nice! 

All in all, we certainly can't complain. Are we entrepreneurs facing setbacks? Hell yes! Does this make us regret our decision to go for this in the slightest? Certainly not!

All the beautiful items that slowly flow in and the beautiful moments that entrepreneurship brings with it give so much satisfaction and pride. We can only tell everyone to always go for your dreams and happiness. Do you have a great (business) idea? Work out your idea, see what it takes, and go for it! If you want something badly enough, and you're willing to work hard for it, anyone can make their dreams come true!

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