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Our first post!

hi there,

How nice that you came to our site!
We hope to be able to go online soon to include everyone in our idea. To finally make our dream come true. 
In addition to launching our business plan, we would like to keep a blog. Where we take you on our AdornPay adventure; from our acquaintance and the launch of the website, to ultimately take you through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. 
Soon we will post our first post, in which we tell you more about the origin of AdornPay. Would you like to be included in our adventure? Or are you at home a lot in these crazy times and do you have an idea for a business? then click here and you will receive an email when we make a new post!
Hopefully you're looking forward to the blog and the launch as much as we are and want to join the AdornPay community!

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Onze collectie: Vegan leer

Our collection: Vegan leather

How it all started - AdornPay

How it all started


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