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How it all started

From brainstorming session to business plan

October 2019; For our part-time study at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, we receive our first collaborative assignment. We need to write a business plan for a fictitious company. Virgilia and I started the part-time study Finance & Control a month earlier. We clicked well from day one and we can work well together. It is immediately clear that we will write this business plan together.

We started brainstorming to start with a nice idea. We had just started our studies and this was our first real assignment, so we were looking forward to it. This first project had to be done well, to make it more fun it is nice to have a 'feeling' with the company for which you have to do research. After a while of deliberation, Anouk came up with the idea to start a company that sells jewelry with which you can pay contactless. How relaxed it is to simply wear your payment method on your wrist or finger and not have to search for your debit card. This was it, our plan was set.

From this moment on we have actively started looking for the possibilities. We had to do a market research, define the product and business plan precisely, select a target audience, create an investment budget and research and draft all the other things that go into a business plan. We already found out during this phase that it was a very good plan, but also that it was not easy to start such a company. At this point we had already joked a few times; 'what if we really start this', but it didn't become much more than jokes at the time. 

We had worked out our entire plan, presented it to the teachers and received a nice 8.5 as a mark. That was nice to be one of the first numbers to get. There was no lack of enthusiasm and we happily continued with our studies. The business plan stored on our computers and with both of us in mind. 

And then there was corona, everything suddenly had to be contactless and remotely. From this moment on we knew for sure; we had to follow through with this plan. 

What happened next?

You will read it in our next blog. 
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