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Activation wearable - Curve x AdornPay

Using your AdornPay wearable with Curve

No more searching for your debit card or wallet, that sounds good, right? Combine fashion and functionality and pay worldwide with your AdornPay wearable! Our wearables are linked to a Curve account. Curve is a wallet that combines multiple payment cards in a mobile app. This allows you to make payments with one (virtual) card. For more information about Curve click here.

Please note: currently you can only link credit or debit cards from Mastercard to a Curve wallet. Unfortunately, a Maestro debit card cannot yet be linked.

How to activate your wearable with Curve


Before we can ship your wearable, there are a number of steps you need to complete so that we can link the correct Curve account to your wearable. 


Step 1: download the Manage Mii app in the Google Play or App store.


Step 2: create a Manage Mii account - open the Manage Mii App and register. You will receive an SMS to verify the registration.


Step 3: download the Curve app on your phone. If you this the link and make a transaction within 14 days, it is completely free.

Click here to create a free Curve account.


Step 4: register your Curve account by completing all the steps and add your payment card(s) to your Curve wallet. 


Step 5: After you finish the steps above, send us an email, you will then receive an email from us with a link to register your wearable. Click on the link and follow the steps:

  1. link your bank card; Enter the card number, expiry date and CVC of your Curve card here. You can find this in the Curve app under (launchpad-account-card details) 
  2. Enter the email address of your Manage Mii account (from step 2), make sure this email address is correct!
  3. Check your details and click confirm.


Step 6: Open the Manage Mii app. You should now find your wearable here. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner and take a screenshot of your ID number. Send an email to with your ID number and the email address with which you registered your Manage Mii account. 


Step 7: we will send the wearable to you, after receipt you go through the last step in the Manage Mii app to activate your wearable. Please note: this must be done within 30 days! 


From now on you can pay quickly and in style everywhere!